To place or move.
Tracks can be wanged into a dj mix. Memory cards can be wanged into cameras.

A video can be wanged forward to the best scene.
by Twoeightylover December 11, 2008
A strong, interesting, identifiable, tangy, or zesty flavor or scent.
Cranberry juice has a strong wang to it.
by KimbieLynn December 30, 2005
Slang for the state of Florida due to its shap of a wang
Florida is the Wang State
by Mr_Blanko February 05, 2005
1. The penis
2. A last name of Chinese people
3. See cock, dick, twig and berries, penis, weiner, family jewels, pecker, etc.
1. Ma god! That girl has got a wang!
2. That wang must be like twelve inches!
by A-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s May 03, 2004
An obsessive and dependent object in need of constant attention, as a penis, demanding well-pumping.
Shit mang, linda wang is such a wanksta.
by WHRHS January 08, 2004
1) A large computer system, very large, which one can be proud to own due to its value as an antique.

2) A chinese (or AZN restaraunt)
1) I got me a big-ass Wang

2) We ate Wang last night
by iMak March 24, 2003
A really droopy DICK that swings around like a wrecking ball
Sadly I have a WANG
by BRICK:l March 04, 2014
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