Wang or collaterally Wong is almost universally understood to mean Penis.
Of course in the slang environment only.
There is no reason to delete it from a good slang dictionary
What did the Scotsman wear under his kilt? A wang, A wang!
by Bewanged of God August 16, 2003
Peter Phan has no wang
by Peter Phan July 28, 2003
1. That poor Chinese kid's last name that's always mispronounced.

2. That sexy beast Jackson Wang from the Korean boy band Got7. He's hella cute, charming, and sexy all at the same time. He's also my secret boyfriend but we're keeping it on the down-low you know what I mean? Shh. Nobody knows how his last name is pronounced either. Not even himself.
1. Is it Wang or is it Wong? Like chicken Wang? Wang-Wong? What?

2. "Damn how does he do it?"
"I dunno. I think he just Wangs it."
by xxinfinitykxx July 13, 2014
A dick/penis/cock/wiener/tool.
Man - "Suck my wang!"
Woman - "You're gay!"
Man - "I just told you, a woman, to suck my wang. Are you f*ckin' retarded?"
by Meowman192 May 29, 2011
to throw something
I happyslapped this cockshiner at school then nicked his phone lmao but the bellend chased me like so i wanged it out the window
by 3856 November 24, 2010
1 A tall person, usually asian, if not he's black. A Wang usually likes to pretend to steal things and act like a badass when really he reads at home with his cat.
2 A wang is someone who either is completely inept in almost everything they do except draw, or someone who acts like a dick all the time
Kieth has achieved wang status, he shoved a flaming bag of anus waste under my door mat.
by McSackdrop August 25, 2010
"Wild Ass North Georgian"..Chattanoogan and southeastern TN endearing term for persons from Dalton, Chattsworth Ringgold, Rocky Face, Tiftonia, Fort Oglethorpe, Rossville, etc....who have moved across the state line but have a tendancy to act out in displays of nafarious non- dangerous fun activities and outbursts because of an escape from their mountain and carpet factory lives...WANGS may not always be appropriate, but they are never boring!
watchout..."W.A.N.G's are batshit crazy when they're drunk.

Don't mind her, it's just the W.A.N.G coming out...
by toad hollow May 10, 2010

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