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Slang for ding dong, wacker, pee pee,
Tom Tom plays the cellow with his big Chinese Wang
by Tom Tom February 04, 2005
Can be used as a noun or verb; to achieve wang, one must first master all levels of swag. Once someone has confidence, poise, and pure awesomeness, only then can they achieve wang. To be so cool, that you have exceed swagaliciousness.
Guy 1: Wow. Do you see that girl over there? I have never seen someone so swa--

Guy 4: Woah bro, hold it. She's not swag, she's wang.
by NOMNOMNOMMOMI$mellCOOKIE$ October 15, 2011
A word referring as punch or physical attack. Commonly used in the ghetto or Chicago
So when I say wang that means its coming yo, I just wanna pound yo face in like you done
by queenreginageorge April 02, 2011
"Wild Ass North Georgian"..Chattanoogan and southeastern TN endearing term for persons from Dalton, Chattsworth Ringgold, Rocky Face, Tiftonia, Fort Oglethorpe, Rossville, etc....who have moved across the state line but have a tendancy to act out in displays of nafarious non- dangerous fun activities and outbursts because of an escape from their mountain and carpet factory lives...WANGS may not always be appropriate, but they are never boring!
watchout..."W.A.N.G's are batshit crazy when they're drunk.

Don't mind her, it's just the W.A.N.G coming out...
by toad hollow May 10, 2010
Walking up behind someone and thrusting
Dude I just wanged that guy
by The fatman22 July 31, 2009
1.A Super Common Last Name For Chinese People.
2.A Penis.
Hey Eric Wang, Do You Hang Out With Your Wang Out?
by Black Josh January 20, 2008
a peepee thing, near a man's scrotum
peters girlfriend realized he had no wang
by sniggins June 18, 2006