either a penis or a chiinese guy
hey wang he dosent know if im calling him by his name or if im calling him a dick
by SUNNY BEASTSS July 02, 2009
1. That poor Chinese kid's last name that's always mispronounced.

2. That sexy beast Jackson Wang from the Korean boy band Got7. He's hella cute, charming, and sexy all at the same time. He's also my secret boyfriend but we're keeping it on the down-low you know what I mean? Shh. Nobody knows how his last name is pronounced either. Not even himself.
1. Is it Wang or is it Wong? Like chicken Wang? Wang-Wong? What?

2. "Damn how does he do it?"
"I dunno. I think he just Wangs it."
by xxinfinitykxx July 13, 2014
Slang term for penis. See also: Cock, Dick, Pecker, One-Eyed Trouser Snake, One-Eyed Champ, the Purple Headed Warrior, and, of course, what your mother craves. With me. Last night.
"Man, you guys are a bunch of wangs"
"You've just been wanged"
"And, in other news, wang"

by "Steve" December 26, 2007
to throw something
I happyslapped this cockshiner at school then nicked his phone lmao but the bellend chased me like so i wanged it out the window
by 3856 November 24, 2010
1.A Super Common Last Name For Chinese People.
2.A Penis.
Hey Eric Wang, Do You Hang Out With Your Wang Out?
by Black Josh January 20, 2008
Slang for ding dong, wacker, pee pee,
Tom Tom plays the cellow with his big Chinese Wang
by Tom Tom February 04, 2005
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