What you whip out when a job interview isn't going well.
"You have a lot of resumes to go through? I might hear back from you in a week or so? Here, maybe this'll change your mind..." and you whip out your wang.
by Pumpkin1981 February 06, 2010
male reproductive oran used in fucking
his best friend is long wang
by irishmoron May 18, 2005
The principal caught us smoking, but he might not have suspended us. Then I told him to suck my wang . . .
by octopod May 26, 2006
"Wang" is a slang term for penis, used primarily in North America,UK and Sydney Australia. Can also be used as a Surname, is also a title in ancient Chinese nobility.
The Wang is coming out tonight
Di loves the Wang
by Roy Kumar October 05, 2006
1. male organ insult
1. ben p. has no wang

2.ben is the biggest wang ever
by Nephthys May 26, 2003
A word referring as punch or physical attack. Commonly used in the ghetto or Chicago
So when I say wang that means its coming yo, I just wanna pound yo face in like you done
by queenreginageorge April 02, 2011
To hit someone in the face, trow a blow
Made famous by bad girl Jessica from bad girls club 6 and it means to blow while in a fight. Are u with-it to Wang.
by 11:13 April 26, 2011

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