the study of wangs...

well the wang first was discorvered many years ago in the hayes family by miss brittany the 1st

one day she was just enjoying her lovely afternoon in a park outside her castel when a man dressed an a so called 'penis' came and tampled her...tried to rape her, but she yelled wang and excaped...

from then on, there was no more sightings of 'penis'

the 'thing' that hung beween the mens legs, or there 3rd leg, was now known as a WANG. the wang is better, stronger, bigger, just overall qualitey inside and out...

brittany the 1st now has passed her knowledge on to brittany the 2nd and she is gaing new information and exploring the wand as much as possible....thank you for your time
Wangs have holes...they are called wangholes...they are small and round and at the tip of the wang...
by wang - ette March 01, 2005
-butt ugly
Guy 1 - hey look at that rino
Guy 2 - Damn! she's a big fat butt ugly white chik
Guy 1 - U said it man! She's a fucking WANG
Wangs (noun) refers to a nice pair of female breasts
'Damn, she has a nice pair of wangs'
by LittleRich February 20, 2008
A small penis. A common Asian name, and Asians tend to have small weiners. Therefore, a wang is small.
Let me suck your wang.
by buttcheeks mcgee October 11, 2005
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