Wankers cramp. The result of a BOY jacking off too much. Evident in someone wearing a cast or similar dressing.
Alistair, you look like you had fun last night...*wang*
by Leslee January 12, 2004
the male sex organ, referred to as the penis.
Harry has a big wang.
by jason biggs June 12, 2002
Lame 80s computer company
Is your Wang INM compatable
by Dman December 12, 2003
just like the one above
Brookes mom has a wang.
by dirty guat May 07, 2003
the study of wangs...

well the wang first was discorvered many years ago in the hayes family by miss brittany the 1st

one day she was just enjoying her lovely afternoon in a park outside her castel when a man dressed an a so called 'penis' came and tampled her...tried to rape her, but she yelled wang and excaped...

from then on, there was no more sightings of 'penis'

the 'thing' that hung beween the mens legs, or there 3rd leg, was now known as a WANG. the wang is better, stronger, bigger, just overall qualitey inside and out...

brittany the 1st now has passed her knowledge on to brittany the 2nd and she is gaing new information and exploring the wand as much as possible....thank you for your time
Wang have holes...they are called wang holes...pretty much the coolest thing ever!
by wang - ette March 01, 2005
Leo's big penis!
Damn son, look at Leo's hugass wang!
by Leo Wang June 12, 2003
an complete bum (usually asian) who has no concerns of other's emotions and feelings, someone who drives recklessly and flips random little kids off for random reasons, and most of all one who practices using the mouse with their left hand so they can masturbate with their right or vice versa, depending on what hand one uses.

it is an adjective >_>
man, stfu wang why do you have to be so goddamn wang all the time?

Man your so wang dOOd that's not cool
by doodmanguy July 11, 2004

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