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a cylinder-like meaty structure..with a with substance waiting to squirt out, enlarges when good booty is in view.(unless wang is homo)
My WanG.
by PauL SaCk April 09, 2003
1 5
v: to destroy a site by linking to it from www.penny-arcade.com, much like slashdot
Looks like I've just wanged my own forum.
by insert_name April 01, 2003
1 5
all that makes the ladies quiver with delight
All the ladies chase Monkey Man because they want the wang
by Brisby Stephenson March 11, 2003
2 6
a very popular surname in mainland China
"Dick Cock's new Chinese girlfriend's name is Manli Wang."
"That's cruel."
by mac hoser February 21, 2006
4 9
1) penis
2) common Chinese surname
3) is also referred to as a 'Hannah Evison' in northern parts of England
Hannah is such a massive wang
by Hannah's biggest fan! October 14, 2005
5 10
verb: swift hand movement on the penis
she wang his thang and good
by Pebbles Marin March 03, 2005
1 6
Wang -- short for wanghanger. go to www.wanghanger.tk for answers. Also, Wang, (The) Great Wang, l33tw4ng, w4ng, and w4n6h4n63r
ha ha...w4ng! w00t <blam>
by Hiro Protagonist August 16, 2003
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