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contrary to popular belief and stereotype, a wang is a large male penis, bigger than a murphy, or ajohnson, or a houston, or a mc- anything
by wangthatisbig88 June 12, 2003
a cylinder-like meaty structure..with a with substance waiting to squirt out, enlarges when good booty is in view.(unless wang is homo)
My WanG.
by PauL SaCk April 09, 2003
v: to destroy a site by linking to it from www.penny-arcade.com, much like slashdot
Looks like I've just wanged my own forum.
by insert_name April 01, 2003
all that makes the ladies quiver with delight
All the ladies chase Monkey Man because they want the wang
by Brisby Stephenson March 11, 2003
a very popular surname in mainland China
"Dick Cock's new Chinese girlfriend's name is Manli Wang."
"That's cruel."
by mac hoser February 21, 2006
1) penis
2) common Chinese surname
3) is also referred to as a 'Hannah Evison' in northern parts of England
Hannah is such a massive wang
by Hannah's biggest fan! October 14, 2005
verb: swift hand movement on the penis
she wang his thang and good
by Pebbles Marin March 03, 2005