(Texas Barbershop Slang) Exceptionally good ring on a 5th interval (usually between baritone and bass).

It's only applicable in a positive fashion (i.e., "bad wang" doesn't mean anything).
"Man, did you hear that chord?! The wang was unbelievable!"
by CptnObvious April 09, 2009
A skinny short or long dick and skinny balls. The opposite of a chode. Usually found in white people. Never found with a black man.
chode sex socia porn
Craker 1: Thats a skinny ass Wang
Black Man 1: I don't have one cuz I'm Black
by Arcanist1337 March 01, 2009
A word commonly, randomly used by jon.
a nickname commonly used for the male body part, penis 8=>

used in a saying by rebecca and jon(example)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Chica Chica Wang Wang
by RebeccaAmelia April 11, 2008
slang for the male genatalia or penis
my wang is harder than a prosthetic leg
by Jared Mitchell March 09, 2008
To get off one's face using solely alcohol and lots of it.
Did you see Tracey the other day downing vodka from the bottle?! Jeez that girl can wang.
by Linziana March 09, 2008
The previous definitions of wang have been false. The real definition is of someone who has a lazy eye, when one is more closed then the other.
I was round burkes house and noticed it mother has a well bad wang.
by Hamish5487 November 15, 2007
verb. To give an object to another person unagressively through the air with limited force, similar to that of a lobbed throw.
Wang me another beer, i'm parched.
by Tim HC September 26, 2007

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