another name for a penis or if you want to get technical about shit a name for a little chinese guy no-wok-ow-de-de haha
look at that small wang... no i'm not talking about him i'm talking about his penis
by jonathan the great September 22, 2003
Things either have or lack wang.
that lacked total wang.
by HighWiz July 11, 2003
See dong.
How does my wang taste?
by Skeptickal April 26, 2003
a common Chinese name
"Hello, Mr. Wang, may I have some egg-fried rice?"
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
1) n. One who is or aspires to be a yuppie.

2. v. To do actions typical of a yuppie.
Tom: "Look at that guy... he thinks he's so cool with his cell phone.."
Carlos: "Yeah.. what a wang!"
by Cancan March 24, 2003
Inner part of the human elbow.
My wang is sweating.

My t-shirt sleeves are rubbing my wang.
by Webster nurple June 22, 2009
The past tense of the wing in it's verb form, to wing it.
"Bro! I totally wang that project today!"

"Remember that time I wang a nosedive off the roof? I still have the scars!"
by The Gypsey King May 22, 2009

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