a common Chinese name
"Hello, Mr. Wang, may I have some egg-fried rice?"
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
1) n. One who is or aspires to be a yuppie.

2. v. To do actions typical of a yuppie.
Tom: "Look at that guy... he thinks he's so cool with his cell phone.."
Carlos: "Yeah.. what a wang!"
by Cancan March 24, 2003
1. A name for a penis.

2. A snake that keeps itself nice and cozy by snuggling in a vagina.
1. Hey kid! Stop looking at my wang!

2. Jimmy, your wang is sticking out of your pants!
by biganusman October 25, 2009
Inner part of the human elbow.
My wang is sweating.

My t-shirt sleeves are rubbing my wang.
by Webster nurple June 22, 2009
The past tense of the wing in it's verb form, to wing it.
"Bro! I totally wang that project today!"

"Remember that time I wang a nosedive off the roof? I still have the scars!"
by The Gypsey King May 22, 2009
(Texas Barbershop Slang) Exceptionally good ring on a 5th interval (usually between baritone and bass).

It's only applicable in a positive fashion (i.e., "bad wang" doesn't mean anything).
"Man, did you hear that chord?! The wang was unbelievable!"
by CptnObvious April 09, 2009
A skinny short or long dick and skinny balls. The opposite of a chode. Usually found in white people. Never found with a black man.
chode sex socia porn
Craker 1: Thats a skinny ass Wang
Black Man 1: I don't have one cuz I'm Black
by Arcanist1337 March 01, 2009

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