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To put in something or place on something
Thanks for those flowers, can you just wang them in the vase for me?
by Lusty November 29, 2004
v. to display a good stereo sound system with ample amounts of bass and volume; usually associated with a car stereo system

n. good bass and volume (as applied to a car)
v. Damn that nigga car is wangin' its ass off. I can hear that shit from around the block.

n. Yo, Ashleigh, dude car got wang out this world.
by beautiful_disast3r June 17, 2004
Something Kyle is always saying because he is one.
"Joel Perry is a WANG!"
by Joel Perry May 12, 2004
The street term for PENIS
Pull out your wang, and stur some tang
by Rick James Bitch March 29, 2004
average size penis, nothing too special about it
he likes to hang out with his wang out
by lil baby poe February 28, 2004
Onomatopoeia used when tossing or flinging any object in a spirited manner.
by Spangler October 25, 2003
an 8 inch rod use to sexxor one's face
"I fucked <censored> with my wang."
"Lol j00 sexxored teh f4c3! LOLOL"
by Kn!ves October 22, 2003