The wang is the art of self offence. particularly striking guys in the balls. This art is a way to attack someones goolies in a sacred manner.

The wang is simply put, punching someone in the balls. But it has an art to it. Wang is the battle cry used when striking the balls. To perform the perfect wang you must first perfect your battle cry. You can go for the suttle inside voice "wang" or you can pounce on you enemy with a "WANG" and see the look on their face when they realise they are about to be struck in the balls.

The art of the wang requires special actions etc to perform the perfect wang. first off you need to learn the hand seal for the wang. (similar to naruto yes!)

first off you need to learn the seals required. search "naruto hand seals" in the google web search ( the one searching fro websites not images) it is the first little picture that comes up above the text links.

These are all seals needed. first of to execute o seal you need to perform the seals in this order,horse, bird, monkey, serpent. Then the last seal you do is the type of wang you are going to use.
The different exodiac wangs have different forms.To perform these wangs you simple add that seal to the end of the wang seal e.g. if i was going to do bird, horse, bird, monkey, serpent, BIRD.
You then have to also as well as the wang battle cry, the battle cry of the animal.

if you perform the aincent art of wang successfully you oponent will writh in pain on the floor and you will have a good pat on the back from yourself.

if you are going to perform zodiac seals it is recomended you start with your own zodiac animal. example i was born in 1990 so my ideal seal is horse. Once you have mastered your own animal you may move on to learn different seals. Thus making your enemies unawar of your wang attack type.

In this example the enemywill be cleverly named Mr Deasy. I will also use the bird seal (my fav)

DEASY: hello nice day isnt it
ATTACKER: *bird, horse, bird, monkey, serpent* WANG! *Bird* KRAAA!! *Punches mr deasy in balls.
DEASY: *writhing in pain* fair play....
ATTACKER: *self pat on back* OH YEAH!

by NICK THE GANGSTA March 29, 2007
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Top Definition
a) A very common Chinese surname
b) An ancient brand of computer systems
b) Penis, see dong, schlong, dork, johnson, cock, prick, dick
Ad placed in the papers by a computer seller in the 80's:
by Hugh G Rection September 16, 2003
1. A common Chinese name
2. Penis
Wang has a small wang.
by wang October 24, 2004
Slang for the male genetalia, specifically the penis. Syn: penis.
That guy has a huge wang!
by Dystynt Methods March 19, 2003
1) A very common Chinese surname(meaning KING in chinese)
2) An ancient brand of computer systems
3) Penis, dong, schlong, dork, johnson, cock, prick, dick
4) The jaw, jawbone, or cheek bone.
5) A slap; a blow.
6) A unit of measuring internet coolness
Mr. Wang just pulled out his wang(penis) and wanged(slap) you in the wang(the jaw).

RE:WANG! WANG!!!111! as in 2 internet coolness points.
by JWang April 29, 2005
Ebonics for wing.
I hopped over to KFC to get me some chicken wangs.
by AYB February 20, 2003
penis, dick, cock, etc.
that wang was damn skippy!
by sexy mama May 17, 2004
Colloquial term for the male genitalia, particularly the penis.
Simeon has a huge wang.
by GuidoPosse69 February 08, 2005
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