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A woman who is very dedicated,caring, beautiful, can always make others smile and feel great nomatter whats going on.A very intellegent, independent woman.
Wanda is the closest thing to perfect
by frootloopsrgood February 05, 2010
191 63
Known in urban legend as the ultimate wife, super mom and sex goddess!Very loyal and caring but ready to strike when prevoked. should be handled with extreme caution!
You can't handle the Wanda!
by carlos love machine February 04, 2010
352 73
A beautiful, mysterious person. Artistic, creative and often a good-listener. A person to confide in, loyal and trustworthy.
You are always there for me. Thanks for being such a Wanda.
by wickedone1967 February 04, 2010
293 141
wanda is a pretty girl
wanda is a pretty girl that likes the color black
by wanda June 21, 2003
323 203
Female fairy from The Fairly Odd Parents. Wife of Cosmo.
by anonymous August 31, 2003
216 135
Babe from TUS that is really kool and easy to chat with.
When ya enter shout Wanda the babe is always about!
by Nelberto January 31, 2007
75 45
Someone who, regardless of the topic or content, posts a simple 'hahahahahahahaha' or 'lmao' as their comment.

It can also refer to the comment in question.
"Did Kadie just laugh at your wedding pictures?"

"It's okay, she just left a Wanda."
by HomerTwin April 10, 2010
38 39