A penis that is first fully erect but then becomes flaccid due to an instant unattraction
Last night, when i was taking her pants off, i had a full-on rager untill i saw her penis. Then i just got a big wampler.
by Timbo Bumaye January 17, 2012
Top Definition
Hack writer for examiner.com known for trading hjs for links on fark. Links generate cash per click, and he earns enough above his Jergens lotion expenses to keep spamming. Typical articles include a youtube embed and 2.4 sentences of 5th grade level commentary.
Wow, 4 Wampler links in a row, Drew must have been treating his mods to a round of hjs
by Cory Fart November 12, 2010
A fart so strong that it hurts on the way out.
Ow what a wampler, I feel like my ass ripped open!
by Wamplin Warrior November 29, 2009
the austrian word for very dumb people!
mah du scheiß Wampler
by coffeejunky August 23, 2006
wampler, to pull a wampler: to pull federal offences and get away with them.
Man Juan just totally pulled a wampler.
by William Blew the third July 11, 2006
To take a girl from behind and repeatedly penetrate both vagina and anus in alternating thrusts.
Dude, totally wamplered that chick last night. Now she has vaginitis.
by Anus Examiner November 14, 2010
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