a). wamp is when something is huge
b). this normally implies that its butters
c). it is often used in the description of penis
1. my knob is so fucking wamp that when i shoved it up that hoes pussy she was bleeding for weeks.

2. shes got some WAMP forehead... EUERGHHH
by houghy007 July 02, 2006
To ejaculate semen into a females body part in an odd manor. The act of Wamping is to have a women lay face up and ejaculate into the eye, nose or ear.
Jenna was surprised when see got Wamped in the eye.

"Bro, last night i Wampified Jenna in her ear."

"I love getting Wamped! It's a must have in life." -Jenna
by ShmAlex_Allsnam February 24, 2011
about to beat a guys ass
the act of beating an ass so bad it hurts talking about it
tim got wamped the other day, it hurts me to still think about it

ima wamp ur ass
by bamhimthree January 30, 2008
to talk incessantly about a pointless subject, without response from the listener
Christ, she's got a real wamp on tonight.
by Bob Knocker July 01, 2006
The sound made when something sucks for someone else. a sound effect said repeatedly four times in a row, with the last time stretched.
someone else: "My hoe be skeezin'!"

me: "Wamp, Wamp, Wamp, Waaaaaaaamp."
The urge to desire women outside your relationship while feeling constricted by your current partner.
To have the "Wamp", I've got a bad case of the "Wamp".

Symptoms of having the "Wamp" include tight shirt collars and traces of guilt after sex.

by Hsue Donym September 16, 2006
Nonsense word that represents the battle call of homo thug MC's across the World Wide Web.

Originating from Blaq Prophett, a rapper best known for his antics on the gay underground Hip Hop scene.
When Blaq Prophett says something he believes is witty he shouts WAMP as he bows down to Nitwit's manhood.
by Nitwit February 22, 2005
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