To Wamp is to give head in exchange for weed and/or other drugs.

The act of Wamping is mostly done by females but is not limited to males.

Most "Wampers" do not see anything wrong with giving head for drugs and have no regrets after they're done Wamping. They also have no problem if the person being 'Wamped' has a girlfriend, so they tend to be very low people.
guy 1: dude, this girl totally is going to wamp me for weed
guy 2: that's awesome!
by drugs are friends November 22, 2009
A shortened version for Swamp Donkey.
Oh no! Wamp's coming! Swamp out!!
by Pincco September 14, 2009
Something that is funny, but not funny enough to laugh.
Person #1)- That garbage can looks hilarious.

Person #2)- Ha, wamp.
by two friendly people. June 01, 2009
A word meaning that is dumb. Commonly heard on cartoons in the sound of "wammp-wammmp"
-Insert stupid saying here- respondent says wamp
by skitlleswentworth April 01, 2009
a person from braintree ma. mostly seen in and around braintree high aka wampville high. wamps can vary from age sex height and sexaul orientation. most wamps now a days like to come to dorchester ma cuz they realized how much better it is over here and were not wamps. they are also known as wampys wampylongstockings wampalotadick and wampers. wamps are extremely dangerous and if you ever see one proceede with extreme caution.......WAMP
Bdowns- Yo Domo did you wamp that wamp last nite??
Domo- Hellz Yeah i wamped her so wamping hard all her wamp juice went all over the place
by DOMO69WAMP May 29, 2011 a video game hit another person with an item not ment to be killed by.
2. just hitting them with something REALLY big.
3. said after getting a direct impact on a person in MW2
4. very good censorship the dumpster crushed the spartian i said "WAMP!!!!!" the kill cam played the thumper went "WAMP!!!!!"
3.i WAMPED her so WAMPING hard she WAMP WAMP WAMP and i WAMP.........
by WAMPFORCE April 09, 2010
a). wamp is when something is huge
b). this normally implies that its butters
c). it is often used in the description of penis
1. my knob is so fucking wamp that when i shoved it up that hoes pussy she was bleeding for weeks.

2. shes got some WAMP forehead... EUERGHHH
by houghy007 July 02, 2006

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