When ambitions meet opportunity
When you have a desire for something; a goal, achievement, opportunity, an accomplishment, and the chance is finally present. The hard work you have put in pans out and success happen WAMO!!!
I have been practicing all summer working on my craft as a wide reciever to make the football team. When I lined up against the corner I burnt him on a route caught the ball and scored WAMO.

When ambitions meet opportunity
by Devin Radford June 20, 2013
giving someone a handjob "with a mitten on"
she gave you a WAMO!?!?! PROPS
by P33z October 21, 2008
giving someone a handjob "with a mitten on"
dude1- "she gave you a WAMO!?!?"
dude2- "yea man!"
by PeezyTeezy October 21, 2008
Smelly Armpit
Sean smells like a wamo.
by Evan Andersen November 13, 2003

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