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a boy from waltham cross, south herfordshire, more or less lyk a cheshunt boyor potters bar boy. Shit area wiv only a bus station and a few shops.Too scared 2 hop on the 317 and cum down 2 enfield.
Waltham cross boy 'oi if my daughter ever came home wiv a coloured id fuckin beat to an inch of her life, fuckin cunt'
by anonymous April 19, 2005
11 13

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cheshunt boy potters bar boy
A lad from from the Waltham Cross (South Hertfordshire) endz. May sometimes be confused with a Cheshunt Boy (Which we are NOT!!!)

Oi Oi!!!
"We're the boyz from Waltham Cross,
How we love to blaze & dos.
We go down to the pub,
Where we get fcuked up,
with those hos from Waltham Cross!!!"
by Zac Mario Christodoulou April 15, 2005
9 17