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A High School located on Democracy Boulevard, where at lunch time probably about 65% of the school population invades the Giant right next to it. This school has a very diverse set of students. You have your preppy white rich people, your skater boys, your pot-heads, your hispanics who only speak spanish, and your nerds.
1)Don't go to giant now! The Walter Johnson High School students are in there now. You will never be done!
by Lala_09_10 July 24, 2008
A High School located on Democracy Boulevard, where at lunch time probably about 85% of the school population invades"G-Square" A small shopping center right next to it. The school has a diverse set of students like The potheads who gather at local houses and hiding places like the bushes to smoke weed at lunch. The black freshmen gather at multiple tables in the center of G-Square taking up most chairs available. Then there are the (quite obese) cigarette smokers who sit in the pit of G-square blowing smoke into everyone's face. Next you have the skater-boys who think they're cool by riding in the alley next to G-square. You also have the SPEDS who stare at your phone and sprint to Chipotle the second the lunch bell rings to get the first few spots in line. Last the nerds who bring their Nintendo DS and seem to be a little bit old to be playing Pokemon at school.
Jake - Wow, the Walter Johnson High School Varsity Football team just cannot ever win a game can they!
Josh - Sounds about right.
by HelenKeller1880 May 06, 2015
Stereotyped as the wealthiest school in Bethesda . A school filled with mostly Preppy white kids trying to find a party to seek pleasure in. Dare and take a 5 sec. glance cuz you will be seeing HOT football players, HOT soccer players and GORGEOUS girls dripping in Tiffany's that everyone is jelaous of. Parking lot filled with SUV's and Mercedes Benz. COMPETE is what its all about here. Everyone wants to be better than others. Guys in their Madera shorts and polos while girls with D and G shades therough the halls... oh and did i mention the HOT chicks...? Mainly, If your smart and hot this is where you wanna be
Girls, help me out i cant decide....X5 or the S 500?
walter johnson Walter Johnson High School
by rich kid wj 08!! November 02, 2009
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