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Born Walter Chauncey Camp in New Britain, Connecticut
Born April 7th, 1859 - Died March 14th, 1925

One of the biggest influences in American history. Inventor/Creator of football. Started his invention in the late 1870's and finished in the early 1880's. Attended Yale University and went pre-med. Also played on Yale's football team as halfback and was team captain. After attending Yale, he coached there, until he transferred to coaching Stanford. Selected the early All-American Teams. Was a great halfback and a sure tackler.
Natty: Hey Conner...

Conner: Yeah?

Natty: Who did you say you did your report on and what did they do?

Conner: It was Walter Camp and he invented football.

Natty: Oh, GOTCHA!!!
by Conner Wilson April 12, 2007
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