A person who has lost the ability to reason, be courteous to those around them, perform shopping tasks in a timely manner, share aisles of stores with others, wash themselves or their children. The Waltard can be found wandering Walmarts aimlessly.

Latin name: Walmartius Tardilis
All I wanted was laundry detergent and I ended up being at the Walmart for two hours because the Waltards trapped me in an aisle with their carts and screaming children.
by Walyt June 07, 2009
1. The population that frequents wal-mart across the country.
2. any rude, obnoxious, barefoot, rednecked, gap-toothed, no-driving, uninsured, uneducated, uncivilized, slipper-wearing, wife-beating, Bud-chugging mongoloid seen in Wal-Mart or in Wal-Mart's parking lot.
I hate going grocery shopping. There are wal-tards everywhere!
I almost ran over a wal-tard on their cell phone..I fucking hate wal-mart!
by Irate Consumer December 21, 2006
Term used to describe any high-functioning-retard that may be found working in your local Walmart.
The Waltard stocking shelves was drooling all over the potato chips.
by Codacrawford July 01, 2010

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