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Stereotyped as the wealthiest school in Bethesda . A school filled with mostly PrePpY white kids trying to find a party to seek pleasure in. Dare and take a 5 sec. glance cuz you will be seeing HOT football players, HOT soccer players and GORGEOUS girls dripping in Tiffany's that everyone is jelous of. Parking lot filled with SUV's and Mercedes Benz. COMPETE is what its all about here. oh and did i mention the HOT chicks...?
Girls, help me out i cant decide....X5 or the S 500?
by i like that November 02, 2004
A bethesda area high school , often defined by outsiders as pretencious , snobby , and upper class , although populated by a diverse student body , not a bunch of jappy preps . Known for acedemic rigor and excellence , along with good athletic programs - except for their football team , which has improved in recent years .

Joe Schmoe attends Walt Whitman High School
by imsobored1234567 January 15, 2009
The richest school located in the richest town bethesda in the third richest county MoCo in the country. The guys and girls maintain a 4.7 GPA, are members of every sports and academic team the can, and are all gorgeous. Most well end up at Ivy League schools and will become lawyers doctors or politicians. Everywhere you turn you will see boys in Madras shorts, girls with Longshamp totes, and teachers in Louis Vuitton suits. Landon guys want the girls, and the girls want the Landon guys. This makes the Whitman male population very jealous and often leads to fights.
Landon Guy: Whoaaa that whitman girl is gorgeous!
Whitman Guy: WHAT'D YOU JUST SAY??!
Landon Guy: ummm
...the pummel each other with their Lacrosse sticks.
by ilovebritneyspears March 25, 2005
School in Bethesda Maryland that has a very visible preppy element despite the fact that there is a large group of utter losers lurking beneath the surface. But even most of us losers maintain our GPAs and take AP classes. Go figure.
"Dude, you go to Whitman? You must be super preppy and rich and stuff."
"...No...not really...I'm a starving artist."
by SUZI :O June 05, 2005
A bunch of semi-wealthy public school kids that like to pretend they go to private school. they go on about how rich and smart they are but in reality, they still go to a school they dont pay for.
Private school kid 1: Oh gross a bunch of Whitman kids.
Private School kid 2: I heard they have police there cuz its so GHETTO
Private school kid 1: no, they have nice cars and stuff but i think they take out loans for them or something.
Private School kid 2: Shit theyre coming towards us! they must know we go to nice schools!
Private School kid 1: we better dip before they give us herpes or steal our stuff..
by Seniors05baby!!!! January 02, 2005
A school in Bethesda filled with supposedly rich kids. Everyone is preppy and jappy (even if their christian) and have nice cars. However, if their so rich, why dont they go to the amazing private schools in the area? Whitman is filled with a bunch of spoiled brats who arent really that rich.

And the freshman girls are the ugliest shits in the world.
"Whitman sucks and its all fake"
by shithead December 25, 2004
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