The founder of DisNAZI, also known as Disneyland.
by hahaa June 02, 2003
a story teller, person who makes up stories that are not true, in order to make him/herself look good or "fit in"
That guy has more stories than "Walt Disney".

Kevin is cute but he is definitely a "Walt Disney"
by fallsview March 02, 2007
The Evil Genius that corrupted the minds of countless youths, and is said to be cryogenically frozen underneath The Pirates of the Carribean...
Goddamn, Walt Disney is the Hitler of the Theme Park Industry
by DG7 May 13, 2003
Self Hating Jew, see Zionism.
Azar pulled a Walt Disney and Declared himself a Jewish Nazi.
by December 21, 2009
The man whose quotes are used to make the disney corporation look innocent as a mouse.
"Believe in Magic, and all yur dreams will come true." said that crackpot, Walt Disney
by Jacob T. October 03, 2006

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