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An outburst of pent up anger and aggression, esp. involving football.
Origin, related to unknown football fan (supporter of Nottingham Forest?)
by Sam January 19, 2004
A nickname given to those who bear the name 'Walsh'. Walshey is always a well-mannered and politically correct Irishman/woman who has a high intellect and is very trust worthy.
Person 1: Did you see Walshey before?
Person 2: Oh yes, they were as polite as always.
Person 1: They are very intelligent, aren't they?
Person 1: They always have been.
by whooooooooooareyou October 10, 2011
To have a walshey

To become angry and upset about something. Possibly includes shouting and violence.
Lauren had such a walshey when i called her a dog.
by Richie B January 19, 2004
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