The visit to a Walmart Supercenter for a one-stop-shopping of (mainly but not limited to) groceries and feeling good about having saved money.
We go walmarting every Saturday morning without fail.
by tushanbe February 10, 2010
When a large corporation or business moves into an area, drives smaller, locally owned stores out of business, and then closes shop leaving the area and local economy in poverty and ruins.
The term Walmarting comes from the practices of the much hated gobal corporation, Walmart.
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
Going to a large retail outlet with the specific intention of watching or recording acts of domestic violence or child-beatery in the aisles.

Done for amusement in most cases, although walmarting for research purposes is not unheard of.
I went walmarting last night because I was bored. I ended up getting great video and laughing for ages. Soon I'll have enough clips for my 'greatest hits' tape!
by Frisco Pete October 05, 2007
Walmarting is what all your friends know you did, but never actually saw you do. Walmarting is an alleged sexual interaction that others suspect happened or will happen due to viable circumstance.
Jason and Ashley disappeared from the party together, they were probably walmarting.
by Safiyya June 20, 2014
The act of entering a Wal-mart between the hours of 11PM-5AM not to purchase any items, but to solely observe and/or record the actions and behaviors of the middle to lower class late night shoppers. Usually done for entertainment purposes or internet documentation. Act upon with caution, for the consequences of this action may result in one or many of these symptoms: Life-long emotional or physical scarring, Diabetes, Upset Stomach, Violent eruption of bowels, or lose of friends.
"Dude! Let's go Wal-Marting!"
"Naw man, everyone seems to have some weird leg disease"
by CVRTProductions July 30, 2011
Loitering at Wal-Mart.
"Hey, wanna go Wal-Marting later?"

by Blue Fox March 29, 2008
A.- The act of entering wal-mart in a strange costume and performing a simple dance.

B.- Going to wal-mart and fucking shit up
Ted: Hey dude we're about to go fuck shit up at wal-mart, wanna come?
Roger: You mean wal-marting?
Ted: Sure whatever.
Rodger: HELL YEAH!!!

Rian: What's that strange costume for?
Joe: Wal-marting, what else dumbasss.
Rian: Just asking...
by ThaGoldenRod June 19, 2012
The action of going to Wal-Mart
John: What are you doing later?
Jane: I'm Wal-Marting for some towels.
John: Mind if I join?
by cookiemaker5000 August 04, 2011

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