The universal embassy that will save us all.
Hey if walmart doesn't have it then nobody will, so the Universal embassy better have this shit!
by Il August 09, 2003
if your not going to join us then you will suffer the consiquences. it is the greatest store in the universe and i love working for them. try watching the wallmart episode of south park!!!
i m soo walmart it is the greatest plce on earth
by kate wright July 15, 2005
A large business that keeps it's costs down and where Julius C. wants to be a greeter.
Hey Julius, where are you working? "I'm a Walmart Greeter dude"
by Julius November 11, 2004
The largest retail store in the world. A company that offers incredibly low prices by paying poor wages to its over worked employees. Walmart will work you to the bone and then order another over worked zombie to sweep you up so customers don't have to step on you.
Harry, I just lost all dignity and sebae of self value. I think I'll apply for WalMart!
by akwon407 February 18, 2015
The ghetto cousin that Target disowned where everything from fights to plumbers with buttcracks roam freely and without shame. The knockoff Bath and Body Works, shot guns, whiffle balls, ratchet bras where the wire will pop out in one use, ethnic hair products, goldfish tanks with many floating dead goldfish, and other useless shit are abundant here, most likely produced by labor wreaked kids in sweatshops along the Huang He river.
Lets go to Walmart so I can buy some knockoff Converse and some Drain-O. While I'm in there, I'm going to swing by the tampon isle and carefully evade two fights over some cheap ass Adidas.
by jigglypimp January 16, 2015

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