1) One of the largest corporations in America that aims for the working class and sells everything at ridiculously low rates.

2) One of the very large reasons why small town economies are dying.

3) The next ruler of Western Civilization...before China.
2 Years later, Wal-Mart opens banking opertunities in their stores. Wait... They already have banking opportunities! :O

5 years later, Wal-Mart turns every regular store to a Super-Center, and ever Super-Center, a Mega-Center

10 years later, a Wal-Mart store opens ni every country- including the third world countries where they make their crap.

20 years later, every business was bought-out by Wal-Mart.

25 years later, Wal-Mart lobbyists take over the United States government.

50 years later, Wal-Mart lobbied the UN.

Thank you freedom. >.<
by ssssssshhh. A secret! Hehe January 16, 2010
A public beating, usually of a small child.
"Betty Joe, if you touch your brother again I'm gonna go walmart on your ass."
by ButtersLovesYou April 17, 2008
1.A great place to bounce balls and piss off employees
2.A place i hate to go to because u go in and want only a few things and end up paying 400 dollars.
3.A place that almost everyone goes to but complains about it. seriously ppl if u dont like it then why go there?
John: i threw this red ball across the aisle and some lady yelled at me, it was great!

Mary: ok kids wait here ill be back in a few minutes.
::3 hours later:: sry i just had to get some extra things and this time i only spent 400$!! what a bargan!

Man walking into wal-mart: god i hate this place, oh well
by Jeffrop6691 June 10, 2006
everything america resembles, rich few taking advantage over the poor who are hypnotized by a smile logo.
katie i so hate wal-mart now they didn't have the type of condoms i needed!
by zertec ha April 06, 2005
Hell Hell on Earth. Eternal brimfire.
I am lost in Wal-Mart.
Wal-Mart is a place of eternal misery.
The devil rules Wal-Mart.
by Sam December 13, 2004
a store where cheap ass people shop at.
guy 1: dude, i need to buy some clothes
guy 2: lets go to the mall
guy 1: naw, i dont have a lot of money
guy 2: i guess we're off to wal mart
guy 1: good choice!!! they ALWAYS HAVE LOW PRICES
by Sergei A November 09, 2005
Corporate Terrorist operation that seeks to turn all of the world into it slaves. Its customers consist of Idiot America.

It operates by opening a store with "low" prices, knocking out all other stores to create a monopoly, and then raising prices to new highs never before seen in the area. Of course Idiot America brainwashed by the corporate terrorists runs around and says see they have the lowest prices. Lower quality items at higher prices-Idiot America you have really got yourself a deal.

The terrorist operation itself consists of fascist managers who use their employees as slave labor for unpaid overtime and drag anyone out of the ugly ass store who says the word union. Above the fascist managers, are the corporate terrorist executives who steal tax payer dollars whining about how they need welfare, kill their employees by denying them needed health care, and lie about child slave labors.
I supported the corporate terrorists today by giving my money to Walmart. I look forward to them turning me into a slave race.
by Citisucks October 01, 2006

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