Melting pot of the worst human trash and stupidest people walking this Earth. A Walmart is also the number one spot for the ultimate People-Watching experience.
Frustrated White Trash Mother in Walmart: (says to her crying five year old son with scars and a mullet) "Put them back on the shelf, you know we can't afford no Lucky Charms!"
by B3player89 December 17, 2008
Why haul your lazy unemployed ass 50 feet into the store when you can park in the fire lane?
The only time K-Mart is busy is when the fire lane at Wal-Mart is full of piece of crap cars and 4 wheel pickup trucks. The parking lot can be half full, but the rednecks still park in the fire lane.
by jay November 30, 2003
1. Place where 90% of my wardrobe comes from.

2. Store where annoying music and LOUD commercials are blared over loudspeakers, in a curteous attempt to drive shoppers from the store in disgust, before they spend too much money.

3.Store that has merchandise of often decent quality at the lowest prices, now- but just until it has driven all competition out of business....then watch the prices rise!

4. Provider of jobs for people who are too stupid and too lazy to be engaged in meaningful employment. (I once encountered a clerk who was unable to deduct ten-percent from a price in her head!)

5. Store where you can buy cooking utensils- then become hungry and walk to McDonalds without going outside, then walk to the pharmacy, for medicine to relieve the diarrhea caused by the McDonalds.
I need to update my wardrobe- to Wal*Mart!
by Malcolm X-crement January 18, 2004
A haven for traditional American values. Meaning that a 15-year-old boy with homicidal tendencies can buy firearms and ammunition, but a 15-year-old girl whose boyfriend's condom broke will find nothing but an empty shelf. Patriotism at its finest.
Walmart is the embodiment of American ignorance and fundamentalism.
by ZipperGirl September 09, 2006
A very, very depressing place to be.
There are many terrible things about Wal-Mart, and I'm, just going to say a few.
A: They censor their CD's. It's incredibly annoying.

B: It's quite easy to smell several different kinds of smoke on most of their employees. (I was declined a comment when I asked about that.)

C: The occurrence of collisions between shopping carts and Mini-Vans has been increasing steadily in the Midwest. You would think that they might at least shorten the pot-breaks for the cart people a little bit.

D: The employees seem to blame you for everything, for example...:
"My daughter got an abortion because of YOU!"
"I bet Bush won the election because of YOU!"
"I got pregnant because of YOU!"

E. A crapload of the male employees have hit on my 53-year-old mother. I find that rather disturbing.

Wal-Mart = The ultimate Ghetto-Mart.
See also: hell
Don't take your kids to Wal-Mart.
Because Jesus told you not to.
A crappy store for poor people. It will give you the lowest quality items. It hides illegal immigrants in is store and says i dont know where they came from. Why isnt any of there stuff free if the price is always going lower. They let people have heart attacks in their store and dont do anything about it. They want to take over the world and they run out all of the real stores. There is a criminal mastermind at the head of the company.
Y do u go to wal-mart when you can get a better price at target.
by anonymous February 18, 2005
1. A place where any customer having a bad day feels it is ok to treat walmart employees like 2nd class citizens. You walk around putting items randomly on shelves, next guy comes along picks up a $50.00 phone off of the candle isle in a spot marked $1.00 and wants it for that price but i'm the "stupid bitch" because he can't read.

2. A place that is packed at 2 AM because prices are low and everyone loves to shop there but these same people love to complain how they are driving small business out. Prices may be low but no one is holding a gun to your head. support your local there, not walmart and shut the fuck up!

What do you mean this comforter is $79.95!! The shelf said it was only $2.49.It was right there next to the coffe mugs."STUPID WAL-MART BITCH"

"Oh Bob,isn't it ashame that little pet store down the stree went out of business. We haven't been there in years. It's wal-mart's fault." "Speaking of which, I need to go there and pick up 20lbs of dog food for $8.oo"
by WALMART EMPLOYEE February 28, 2008
A place where you can run around the store and put adult diapers in random peoples carts and won't get kicked out!

Timmy: "Dude, I love Walmart!!"
Tommy: "Why?'
Timmy: "Because I just spent 3 hours running around the store putting adult diapers in peoples carts!!"
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