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A person who appears at first to have a heart of gold and also appears to be the nicest person ever, but then later regardless of how well your friendship or relationship with them is going they decide to chicken out or be a douche bag for no reason. Pretty soon the person who you spent most of your time with turns into a cheap fuck and doesn't want to give you a dime of their time any longer.

The characteristics of someone that has a Walmart soul include (but is not limited to):
1. The person who is easy to fall for.
2. The friend in your life who can finish your sentences.
3. The person who can read your mind.
4. The person that says flirtatious things to you without realizing it then gets bothered when you took what they said as a flirt.
5. The person who's texts messages, emails, or phone calls keeps every night's sleep exciting to you because you know that every morning they'll send you one of the things previously mentioned.

People that have Walmart souls are very hard to deal with and are indeed very sad individuals. Countering a Walmart soul is very difficult because a person with a Walmart soul is usually very intelligent and normally only leaves friendships in the dust as a defense mechanism so they aren't at risk for getting hurt again.
This girl that used to be my best friend made no sense to me after what happened. We spent over twelve hours a day with each other talking, texting, playing games, watching movies, pretty much everything. She was so unbelievably sweet that I started to fall for her. Well, apparently she had a bad experience in her past relationship that it scared her, but for some reason she didn't have the guts to tell me. Instead she decided to tell me that she wanted to take a break from talking. The truth is, it's been an entire month since we've last talked. She decided that our pristine friendship was nothing more than trash. She has a Walmart soul.
by Kris10Xo January 17, 2011
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