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A version of volleyball where your court is small and confined, the wallyball (which is a little smaller and softer then an actual volleyball) is played off the walls of the court.
A racketball court can be converted to a wallyball court by added a net i the middle of the court.
by a concerned student. August 27, 2008
A game of volleyball played over a border wall, often a fortified border between countries.
I've heard they've got some pretty good wallyball games at the Mexican-American border!
by esmith512 November 27, 2007
A poor excuse for a sport played at Parsippany High School that varies depending on wat teacher you have. Not unlike volley ball but the ball can bounce on the floor once. This is the sport called Wallyball.
Halen: Ok freshmen where gona play Wallyball again today
Halen:Then your going to have to write a essay on it
by Brian Bix. December 17, 2006
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