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These are people who loiter all day and night at your local 24 hour Walmart Super Center...with nothing to do.

Similar to Mallrats that hang all day in a mall..but these Wall Rats smell bad, usually don't have jobs, and dress like it is Halloween everyday.
Sally: "Crap..I gotta go to Walmart later tonight."

Molly: "What! Why?"

Sally: "I forgot I need a cheese log for our Office meeting in the morning."

Molly: "You better remember to pack your mace to ward off the Wallrats."
by Jamie AKA The Hussy Housewife September 29, 2009
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similar to mall rat, but for an individual that spends a rediculus amount of time at wal-mart. considered an extreme burn.
"yo, were goin to the movies in half an hour, you in?"
"f that, im goin to wal-mart"
"dude you were there yesterday, stop being such a wall rat and come with us!"
by drewmsan October 01, 2007

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