old mom panties that are known to be extremely comfortable to sleep in. They are moth eaten and usually come in floral patterns
wow, look at those wallpapers
#undies #underware #panties #old nasties #comfy
by Kiwi birdie February 02, 2010
When you get a blow job and blow your load on the girls face then take her hair and push it into previously dropped load.
When I wallpapered that hoe, she had one hell of a time trting to peel her hair back!
by Dirty 1 November 18, 2003
a term used when trying to hide the fact that you are talking about white people
Dang they so stupid, them wall paper mess up evrythang!
pssht wallpaper!
#wallpapa #white people #secret #slang #black people unite!
by Banana$Bear October 19, 2010
Pictures, usually movie, used in a film as a background to commentary. Implies that they would not have been included if better footage was available.
Something happens which has been filmed for 20 seconds, but to explain it takes 40 seconds. Pictures of the expert explaining it are boring, so 10 seconds of "wallpaper" are needed (e.g. exterior of factory.) Also known as padding.
by GeoffT April 29, 2005
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