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This happens to anyone whom has paid way too much for something, particularly a designer item that could have been purchased (especially a nice knockoff brand) for about 500% less somewhere else. It usually results in feelings of victimization, embarrassment, and guilt.
Stella realized she was the victim of wallet rape after spending $2869.00 at Neiman Marcus only to find virtually the same ensemble for $250.00 at Bebe Clothing.
by jasmine99999 June 04, 2009
buying an Apple product.
Wallace: Hey dude, I just bought the new Mac Pro
Random Intelligent Person: You just got wallet raped man. You could build a better computer yourself for half the price.
Wallace: But. but. ummmmm. Apple is better because *insert reasons here that make no sense at all*
by DreadPirateSherberts October 26, 2013
Being forced to hand over money to your bitch to avoid the consequences
Dave: I got wallet raped last nite!

John: She threated not to give you head?

Dave: No, this time she refused to do the laundry unless I gave her a fifty

John: That sucks. What a rapist!
by billycakes October 25, 2009
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