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Derived from Facebook's terminology for a conversation between you and a friend on your walls, "wall-to-wall" can be used as an electronic substitute for a heart-to-heart.
"I'm afraid to log onto Facebook. Cassie says we need to have a wall-to-wall. I think she's gonna dump me, man!"
by lady_so_divine November 16, 2011
1 2
Extremely busy.
Events occurring one after another without a break.
Tuesday I'm wall to wall, in fact my whole damn week is wall to wall.

I've got wall to wall interviews all day.

by Trickypat July 19, 2008
19 7
A term used in pornography.
Continuous sex, hardcore sex from scene to scene without any real story or purpose.
Dude, jack can only get off if he watched wall to wall. No Softcore for him.
by EED August 15, 2004
37 25