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1)to be inebriated to the point of stupidity

2) To be stupid to the point of inebriation
Ello maaaaate...i was completely Wall-ed last night
by Borne September 26, 2004
To have sex with someone against a wall.

Sometimes this happens by accident in the heat of the moment, it can also be planned, and happens when you're wasted from time to time.

Walled is not the same as closeted, a wall in a closet is a closet wall, therefore no walling has happened.
example1: Jeff walled Christina last night, I could hear it through the wall.

example2: I walled Christina hard last night.

example2: Jeff walled me last night, I liked it.
by Skinner927 May 11, 2009
To get walled. To wall oneself. When having a shower, your warm skin makes contact with the cold shower tiles.
E.g while taking a shower with your partner. "ahh you just walled me! You're such a shower hog!"
by Green Moon November 19, 2010
To be both plastered and stoned. Synonymous with Cross-Fading, but even more logical since it takes both plaster and stone to make a wall.
Bro #1: "I was so fucking walled last night...How did i get into your room?"
Bro #2: "Three four lokos and a blunt can do that, my friend...and you got here via shopping cart pushed by Jeff...He wasn't happy."
by last cup aficianado October 04, 2010
To be so drunk or high that the only way you can stand on your feet is to lean on a wall
I rolled 4 blunts and did a couple car bombs and i was walled for the night
by Dagawd Zeus July 28, 2009
The act of being shot at through a wall and being injured in Call Of Duty 4, usually resulting in a death/kill.
OMGWTFBBQ, I have been walled 5 times by the same guy in the last minute.
by Richard & Rino March 09, 2008
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