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Part or all of a bulletin board in schools, post offices and libraries that display the rap sheet and photo of sexual offenders living within a ten mile zone.
"Guess who's on the Wall of Shame at the Post Office? That creepy housekeeper from work!"

"I knew there was something way off about that perv!"
by Lizybee March 03, 2010
A web page with a listing of sex offenders...Example "Megan's Law"....Most counties publish a wall of shame (sex offender) via the sheriffs station.
Because Lawrence Taylor messed with an underage girl and was subsequently convicted he has to report to the sheriffs office to have his mugshot taken and plastered on the wall of shame to alert others a cho mo is lurking.
by Wig Pusha May 19, 2014
A collection of empty liquor, wine, and beer bottles (especially rare or uncommon) proudly displayed on a mantel, china cabinet or other open display for others to see what one has consumed.
Jimmy had to restart his wall of shame after he changed apartments.
Dan had to get rid of his wall of shame when his girlfriend moved in with him.
by Diderot1 February 10, 2014
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