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The pretentious, overly complex language used in business realms to describe simplistic ideas. Very similar to MBAese. The opposite of straight talk. Often used between business associates to confuse one another and make screwing one another over that much easier. The term originated on Wall Street, the center of business douchebaggery in the United States.
Person 1: "Well, this quarter we need to liquidate the losses, stakeholder, derivative, subprime lending, yada yada yada"

Person 2: "Man, just quit talking Wall Speak and get to the point."
by slicknick2208 November 01, 2011
1: a universal or corporate language
2: the uncanny ability to communicate a deaden boss who prattles senseless instructions
Pronunciation: 'wol'spEk
Function: verb
Etymology: from Old English weallsprecan; akin to Old High German wallsprehhan, to speak, to crackle
see (right now!) Roland or Rolandspeak, Lydiaspeak, Antonettespeak… (if your boss’ name is Roland, so on so forth)
also your stupid boss, office fool, idiot, imbecile, vapid Vicky
Acronyms (contributed by Maude):
a. When All Languages Lapse
b. What A Loser Language

1a: one that speaks wallspeak; especially : one who uses this language to a stupid boss I cannot stand to wallspeak her
I cannot stand to wallspeak her.
by clee andro January 23, 2005
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