When a mounted turret in Halo 3 is detached and a player is walking around with it.
Watch out, the walking taco is mobile.
by brothajamal July 09, 2009
Top Definition
The act of walking after eating laxative-ridden food (or otherwise poor quality food) to the bathroom. Usually accompanied by the pinching of butt-cheeks to prevent poop from falling out. eg. like rolling up the end of a taco to prevent meat from falling out as you eat it.
Dude, I had to walking taco myself after dinner last night. I left a trail all the way to the toilet.
by McStool the Second April 12, 2014
Available females.
I hope this party has walking tacos the last one was a sausage fest.
by pseudidilyodonym November 23, 2009
a walking taco is a when any/all the taco fixings you want are added to a bag of Fritos and you can "walk" away with it. (as seen on David Letterman 6/4-5/07)
I had never heard of a walking taco until watching Letterman last night. Does this mean I need to get more? Probably not.
by SammieKins June 05, 2007
The new term for camel toe. Refers to the look of a woman's vagina when her pants or underwear is pulled so tight you can see the outline of her llabia and the slit in between.
"Look at that hottie, her pants are so tight her pussy is a walking taco."
by The STL Doctor May 23, 2010
A bag of doritos with everything that taco would have. But with nasty taco meat. Later one after eating one you will blow ass extremely bad. Can cause intense burning of the anus
Jim Hey did you see the shot the the cyclones player missed. Tonya no i didnt i was eating and walking taco and blew ass everywhere.
by ISU Taco February 09, 2010
When someone takes a shit in a woman's purse.
Dude, I totally made that chick's purse a walking taco!
by dslam1 January 12, 2011
when a woman is getting analed while taking a brisk walk trough the local state park.
"yo, i meet this girl at the park" says jimmy
"did you walking taco her?!?!" says ronald
"no man, she wasn't that type of girl" says jimmy
"What the fuck!, any girl is the type for the walking taco."says ronald
by big nappy ho3 October 11, 2010
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