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A person whom when viewed from an angle from which you cannot view their face looks hot but actually turns out to be ugly, a bit of a munter, after viewing their face.
Dave: Phwoar, she looks tasty...from the back.
David: I bet you that when you see her face she'll look like a right munter...
Dave: Shit, you're right, she looks like Boris Johnson, what a walking stick!
by William Powers July 28, 2011
A stick of usually 42" to 54" in length used as a support for those with disabilities. Now quite defunct.
The old guy beat a few punk kids with his walking stick and gave them the thrashing of thier lives with his belt.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
In Texas Hold 'Em, it is when the player's hole cards are any two 7s.
He folded walking sticks.
by cerealkiller182 October 31, 2005