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This school is also located in Fredneck, Maryland. This school is Mostly White, has wanna be "gangstas" (a.k.a "wiggers") and Sluts. Over half the school smokes pot just like the other high schools in Fredneck. The people want to start fights or do dumb crap to try to get attention. Mascot? : The Lions. Oooo soo scary. "Who let the Lions out of the Cage".. Good one! No one cares because all of the teams suck! (like Frederick High). Sorry for your loss.. NOT!
Guy 1: "You have a Girlfriend?"
Guy 2: "Yep!"
Guy 1: "She goes to Walkersville High doesnt she?"
Guy 2: "Yeahh."
Guy 1: "Wow.. You're dumb because all of those girls there are sluts... Watch out for the STD's son."
by Truth.Speaker January 28, 2011

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