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a wicked gay tv show with a wicked gay main guy, named walker. hes one of those cowboy guys who tucks in his shirts. the show is repetitive, and walker gets offended at the word 'crap'.
i used to watch it, but now i see how gay it is.
by imanamericanidiot January 21, 2005
A hit tv show with the star Chuck Norris. It is a show about cops, law, and other things. It's really interesting and I have grown to love it.
My sister's hero is Chuck Norris the star of Walker Texas Ranger because of his killer martial arts.
by Livi February 23, 2005
A terribly hilarious show. Watch this high, drunk or sober and I guarantee plenty of laughs. Watching Chuck Norris fight computer high-jacking ninjas, roundhouse kicking Asian drug lords and using a jet-pack (you read that right) all make for one hilarious show.

-Dude, lets get high and watch old man chuck norris jump through some windows.
- Man, I don't even need to get high. Walker Texas Ranger is the shit
by >Kyle< October 30, 2005
An anagram of Karate Wrangler Sex. I don't know what that is, but it sounds awesome.
Walker Texas Ranger!!!!
by Marcus Reed October 05, 2006