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1. Half-wit action melodrama, staring Chuck Norris and mostly produced by his brother, that ran on CBS from 1993-2001. Dismissed by most as bad TV. The show enjoyed very good ratings and syndication sucess with a faithful fan base. The very bad action series also benefits from a cult following that sees the series as possibly the worst TV show committed to film. This fan base also watches the show, but they watch as if they are watching a Saturday Night Live skit, laughing out loud at constant unintended humorous moments due to the lame execution of the premise and heavy-handedness of the show. The show also gained notoriety through clips being played on Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien.
Walker, Texas Ranger is to artistically good action TV as Naked Gun is to artistically good action film.
by ILoveWalkerBecauseIt'sFunny August 24, 2005
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