Winners of the Triple Crown, Grand Slam and Six Nations 2005.
Wales 11-9 England
Italy 8-38 Wales
France 18-24 Wales
Scotland 22-46 Wales
Wales 32-20 Ireland
by The Scandal April 06, 2005
One day, two of the apostles were in Heaven, discussing God's creations on Earth.
They talked for hours of the things they believed to be God's greatest acheivments, when one turned to the other, and said, "But what about Wales?". The second apostle said, "What do you mean?" "Well, they have a land of breathtaking beauty, valleys low with rivers rich with trout and salmon so that they never go hungry, breathtaking scenery for the poets to wonder over. mountains full of ore and coal, so that they will always have industry and warmth. A tongue so beautiful, that strangers will be fascinated, but never quite grasp, which gives them individuality. Mountains high, which produce vegetation that is unable to grow anywhere else in the world, and such a rich array of wildlife, a man would never see them all in all his lifetime."
So the second apostle turns to the first, and says " yes, I agree, this land of Wales, and the Welsh people, seem truly blessed in many ways. Why has God favoured them so?"
His answer was simple.
"He's trying to make up for what they've got growing on their arse."
Wales is a great place. We have so much, you can't blame the rest for being jealous.
by Mwfanwy August 11, 2006
An excellent rapper who goes hard on every track he spits on. Wale is unique because he adds funk to his songs, and he raps about life and situations we can all relate to.
Guy 1: Dude, have you heard Lotus Flower Bomb by Wale?

Guy 2: Fuck yeah! Wale goes hard in that track and we can relate to it! And it's real rap!

Guy 3: I know! Wale goes hard in ALL of his tracks!

Guy 1: Lets go listen to Ambition right now because we have good taste in music!

Guy 2 and Guy 3: YEAH!!
by GoodRapIsComingBack November 30, 2011
I've never quite understood why the English think that all welsh people are 'sheep shaggers'. The most densly populated areas in wales (Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, and the rest of south wales) take the piss out of the other, 'sheep-shagging' areas of wales, just as much as the English do. However, it is just a JOKE! I think I can quite safely assume that no one in wales shags sheep (Unless they're into beastiality) lol :P

And as for all that crap about English/ Welsh rivalry in sport: It's just a fuckin' game! At the end of the day, being welsh, i'm bound to support wales; Ireland and scotland respectively, coz the smaller countries in the UK are bound to 'gang up' against the largest country.

But I mean, a lot've my relatives have moved to England; I have a house in Devon and spend a lot've time there. The only difference between me, and the English, as far as I'm concerned, is the accent. And as for all the rubbish that's been said about cardiff (and the violence that's been associated with it); all towns/cities have rough areas. However, we (the welsh), despise the minority of welsh people, who give this stunning and inviting country, the reputation of one that is full of aggressive; violent, 'hooligans'. (Especially considering the fact that it is the English football team, millwall, not cardiff city, who are renowned for having the most violent fan club!)

Anyway, despite all my rambling, my main point is that wales, (especially south wales), is no different to England, and I can't understand why we are stereotyped as being 'sheep shaggers'. We have the most amazing countryside; (My university is situated right next to the Gower, which has been officially designated as an 'area of outstanding natural beauty'). And even though the welsh language is undeniably 'useless' abroad, it is a fuckin' awsum language to be given the opportunity to learn. Wales, despite being small, is a country full of talent and natural beauty and I think it is impossible for anyone to argue otherwise. That is why I get so annoyed at foreigners (the Americans in particular); calling the UK 'England' and not Great Britain. Because, I belive that the UK (all four members included) is a great country. And I think it's fair to assume that we are all united in our pride and patriotism at being British. We all know that bigger is not necessarily better (the USA probably the best example of that :P lol). Despite being small, we are a fuckin GREAT country and as far as I'm concerned we should stick our fingers up to anyone who trys to tell us otherwise :)! Luv all u Brits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain
by Welsh_gal 1988 November 12, 2006
Wales, a country inhabited by people who are the brothers and sisters of Breton people (from Brittany, west OF France) and Cornish people (from Cornwall, west OF England).
What a chance to spend time there and meet some guys who are different enough so not as to have to waste time to differentiate, and similar enough to not feel hate for them.
Breton 1 to Breton 2: Fed up with having a row with other Bretons? Take a break! Go to Wales!
by Breizh Dieub! January 02, 2006
1. It's where the men are men, and the sheep are scared.
the men and sheep get on very well there. . .
by $aMm0 April 03, 2005
Often confused to 'Eden' or 'Heaven on Earth', Wales is nothing short of perfection. Located, and widly recognised as the 'Diamond in the British Isles', Wales boasts the most outstanding picturesque landscapes and areas of amazing natural beauty in the Northern Hemisphere. It's people, known as the Welsh, are among the friendliest and approachable on Earth, proudly bearing the oldest language in Europe, accompanied by a loveable accent.
"God created the heaven and the earth, modelled on the perfection that is Wales, he then proceded to incarnate himself in the form and guise of Mike Ruddock, posing as a Rugby coach. Thus leading Wales to a magnificent Grand Slam."
by Aled June 23, 2005

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