A totally awesome town of 2000 some people.
Also referred to as the ghetto.
look at Waldport. It is really ghetto.
by Crandon June 11, 2008
Top Definition
I happen to live in Waldport. It's a bull-shit excuse for a town.

A small town on the Oregon coast, where the town shuts down at 9pm. Sports are everything to this town (even though the teams SUCK.) The high school is full of stoner's, wanna-bes, people who live to bring others down and whores. There are only a handful of useful people that graduate from the school. Everyone else either stocks shelves or waits tables. The town recently got credit, only because someone who graduated in 2009 was accepted to play football for the Oregon ducks.

All in all, this town is full of retired couples, drug addicts, teenage girls who sleep around, and teenage boys who drinkdrinkdrink.

Now, I'm going to be fair here, and stand up for the good this town has to offer as well.

Amongst the, lets say, 2/3 of bull-shit this town dishes out, there are people who in this town that are decent. That's about it.

Waldport SUCKS.
They must be from Waldport. I mean, she looks like a crack-whore
by Honesty.is.key. January 19, 2011
A small town filled with inbreds, losers and toothless drug addicts.
the ghetto.
50% of meth users live in Waldport.
by hannahI June 11, 2008
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