adj. Used to describe a student of the Washington Waldorf School. A school where ungrateful children of the revolutionary hippie generation are "forced" to go. It is cool to bitch about Waldorf and to never actually take the effort or initiative to leave the school. The only people who appreciate the school are the ones who have seen education outside it, or just smart students who look outside the student-induced bubble of Waldorf.

There are many misconceptions about Waldorf, like the amusing but untrue rumours about rampant LSD and weed use among the students (the teachers are another story). And beeswax is not considered the ultimate engineering material by Waldorfians. And Waldorf is not attempting to return the world into a scientifically prehistoric era.

General definition of Waldorf Student: One who has not been able to deal with large social situations outside of Waldorf and has switched only because they will then have "friends", even though said friends are forced to spend every schoolday with them. Orrrrr random people who end up at Waldorf by some Bermuda Triangle fluke. Orrrrrr people who hate Whitman and needed to get a broader and more personal education.

Orrrrr Amrita Campell the bitch who gets away with everything and takes the school for granted like its her job. She needs her own definition. Initiative anyone?
Public School Ignoramus/Thinks One's Intelligence Is Shown Solely In Standardized Tests: Duuude, Waldorfians are hippies yo.

Educated Human: Maybe you should stop worshipping the "highest in the country" tests scores at Whitman and read some classic literature like Neitsche or Locke that has shaped the culture you live in.

Public School Novelty Whore: Can I use clifnotes?

Person: Can you jump in front of a train?
by been-there-done-that January 11, 2005
a child from waldorf maryland an adult would be a waldorkian.
by m*ke March 10, 2003
lots of flowy scarves of natural, pastel colors, swirls of light, veiling, and color, the soft sound of recorders filling the air, eurythmists dancing lightly on soft feet...
A True Waldorfian Is:
-afraid of artificial coloring/flavoring
-afraid of television or electricity, period
-never wears anything not natural or synthetic
-listens to calming music like that of the waves or flutes
- have a huge shrine dedicated to Rudolf Steiner, ignoring the fact that he was part of a sex cult and the school was named after a cigarette company.
- usually EXTREMELY spacey
Julia is NOT Waldorfian.....well, except for the last part.
by a lifer.....IN SPIRIT February 26, 2003
waldorfians eat tofu and are hippie smoking eurythmy dancers.

Waldorfians see colorful rainbows when in a state of highness.

The waldorfian species is primarily found meditating in a cult in Takoma Park.
by wall-dorf-ian February 26, 2003
A resident of Waldorf, Maryland typically coined by other Waldorf residents who happen to hate Waldorf and make fun of those who never leave the damn town.
"All the waldorfians never leave this town even though its only 25 minutes from Washington DC 7 Old Town Alexandria, VA, 45 minutes from Baltimore and 1.5 hours from Richmond!"

"Lets go to Denny's up on 301 and hang out with all the waldorfians"

In Waldorf MD, waldorfians call the popular clothing store "Up against The Wall" in the mall, "Up Against The Waldorf"

They also call Walmart, Up Against The Walmart... friggin waldorfians.
by Rich January 17, 2004
waldorfian, a loser person who luvs eurythmy and eats grass n tofu. they wear organic clothing and hemp materials. the waldorfian eurythmy teachers suck, smell like dead squirrel. the students or classmates of a waldorfian r usually really kool, like me.
sara eats hemp bars as she dances about the sun in her eurythmy slippers... waldorf kicks ass home dawgs! YA!
by A Dawg from class of 08' December 19, 2003
my friend smoked 2 much pot and failed school, he now goes 2 waldorf. its were u go wen u cant get in2 any other private school.hes junior and hatesit there, but i still smoke up w/ him eveyr weekend
i go 2 waldorf. im a hippie.
by FwhitemanM March 01, 2005
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