A suburb of Washington D.C. known for its odd demography and crime. Waldorf is mainly a commuter town, where most of its inhabitants commute into Washington D.C. to work. The following argument exists about whether or not to consider Waldorf a ghetto or not:

It IS a ghetto because of the high level of crime and drug use.

It IS NOT a ghetto because of the low level of poverty-stricken inhabitants.

Most of waldorf is middle class housing, except for the older portions and neighborhoods including Lancaster, Holly Station, and Acton Villa, which range from lower to lower-middle class housing.
Waldorf: Interesting, but a horrible place to raise a kid.
by Lee Crooks June 27, 2007
Top Definition
A real hot spot right outside of Washington DC. This city is all about getting high and boozed up! At any given time you can be mugged or even shot! Original home of the SMIB
Yo nigga you tryin to go to Waldorf this weekend
by Michael Arguelles December 12, 2004
A branch of private schools commonly found in mainly the US and Germany, and were founded by the Austrian Anthrposophist philosopher Rudolf Steiner.

Although Waldorf Schools are legitimate schools, critics continue to claim that the school is a cult, and that students are indoctrinated with the ideals of Anthroposophy. Though these allegations are probably false, Waldorf Schools do use some methods which may appear outdated or silly.

But overall it's a pretty good school.
Waldorf: the only school that is also the name of a salad.
by El_Haggis September 10, 2006
The wannabe gangster capital of the world.
"Waldorf is retarded."
"DUDE! I know!!
by Nickles I. Money II December 25, 2010
a small sub burban town in Charles County Maryland. Not too far away from Washington DC. Waldorf is know for it's drugs, and crime. The first place in the tri-county area of sounthern Maryland to actually have a mall.
Man I used to work in Waldorf but all my co-workers always came in drunk so they fired me because I was sober.
by daddakamabb April 20, 2005
A waldorf is a short, evil, person. They like to bite people and should never be given Monster.
Dude look out, there's a waldorf over there! And it has a monster!
by AwesomeSauce781 April 26, 2011
The act of tossing another person's salad and biting into a dingle berry. A derivation of the popular waldorf salad served at many upscale restaurants.
I gave Janet a Waldorf last night and those dingle berries exploded in my mouth with flavor!!!!
by snapapalooza May 07, 2009
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