a raging lunitic who enjoys fellatio
Oh my god, here comes a waldo!
by Squirch November 13, 2003
A bowel movement, especially one that takes a long time.
Where's Waldo? There he is!
by linguo456 September 15, 2010
A secret code word for marijuana when you don't want people to know you're looking for it.
Person 1: You know where I can get weed?
Person 2: Woah! Chill! There's a cop over there...
Person 1: Oh... do you know where waldo is?
by The Weedmiester January 25, 2012
the name given to young men who wish to establish themselves as the president of the socialist youth group in their area.
person1: daniel has become such a waldo.
person 2: i know man, but atleast hes happy.
by krazyamie June 14, 2004
(Adj.) One who commits acts of blasphemy on a regular basis.
-"You can not eat dinner, until you commit blasphemy!"

(Adv.) One who can never be found
-"Dude, where the fuck is Waldo at?"
Abby Nicole Dragon of Brownsburg, Indiana ;]

Waldo can never be found because she's always out commiting blasphemy.
by Shane Hudson and Skylar Luster December 15, 2007
A man of many shapes and forms. Why do you think you can never find him in his books he creates!? He also has mental issues. He says he has an english man stuck in his head by the name Elwood. He also says that his evil twin brother Odlaw is out to convince the enlish man to kill Waldo.
There are too many freakin examples of WALDO!!! Waldo could be your granny at this very moment! So be scared! Be very scared!
by Anon July 06, 2004
A term for marijuana, especially unrolled and still in the bag, used in a buying/selling situation.

Can be used as a noun in context ("Can I get a 20 of Waldo?") or in the simple phrase "where's Waldo?"
Buyer: "Hey brah, where's Waldo?"
Seller: "I got a 1/2 oh-zee in the car."
by Tony E August 05, 2005

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