Waldo's are highly intelligent, fun loving, and fiercely loyal. Not overly concerned with fashion yet somehow remains devastingly good looking. Women want to be with him and men want to be him. If you are down, Waldo's will cheer you up. If you are hurt, Waldo's will help you to get better. If you are in trouble, Waldo's will come to your aid. A penchant for philosophy and knowledge of all things interesting makes Waldo's great sources of information. In the event of an emergency, Waldo's will always keep a level head. If you can find one, a Waldo is an asset to your life.
"Whoa, that dude is scary."
"No, that's just Waldo and he's going to kick your ass for being a douchebag."

"He's a hotty."
"No duh, that's Waldo."
by Maxine Lounge January 27, 2013
Waldo: A person who is in multiple group photos with no real reason for being there, this person needs to feel important or "cool" so they will find any way to b in front of the camera.
Also see waldoing and dickbagging
Guy1;Dude who's this guy in the picture

Guy2;That's Bryce he's a total Waldo

Guy1;What a dickbag
by C.mf.w.b January 18, 2014
the guys who created 420. they went by the name the waldos, and since they were all in after school activities they figured that after an hour at 4:20 that it would be a very realistic time to go smoke weed by the woods.
Waldo #1: Hey man, 420 after school
Waldo #2: Yah man, i have to take a hit of that dank sh*t that just came into town
by Tanner101 April 01, 2006
A claymate's best friend :)
We have a waldo sighting!!
by flipflops4clay March 07, 2005
Mechanical arm, operated by remote control by mimicking the motion of a human arm.

Term invented by Robert Heinlien in the novella of the same name.
The arm on the space shuttle is a waldo.
by D F Stuckey May 26, 2004
A fat jew from maine
why who i want to go to maine its full of waldos
by yoho2929 January 10, 2012
A term used to point out gay men. Similar to the "Where's Waldo?" books.
Walking down the street someone sees someone they believe is gay and says "Waldo" and others can agree, disagree, confirm or disprove.
by speare07 August 24, 2007
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