Waldo is a person that is hiding from Chuck Norris while using Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility while having an awesome adventure.
"Where's Waldo?"
"Well ... Chuck Norris] scared the shit out of him so he went to Narnia with the Invisibility Cloak"
by CrazyMLIAx3 December 24, 2010
No definition found.
Well played Waldo, well played.
by Yesss1234 October 25, 2011
When a man goes into stealth mode once he is in a relationship and the inevitable complications begin to surface.

About the same as going ninja except he is still visible at his usual hangouts. Naturally, he will not present himself and repeatedly fades into a group of friends or complete strangers. An exhausting effort must be used to discover him and it will most likely give you a headache.

The female counterpart is known as Carmen Sandiego
Seeker: “I’ve been talking to this guy for a month and out of nowhere he went Waldo on me. I saw his F-150 at the bar last night but couldn’t find him. I even sent a text and he said he was buyin drinks.”
by Marius MM January 13, 2010
a human chia pet! hair too wierd to believe...........vreally!
Is that really waldo or is that a green wig? I can't tell!
by wallymarshall September 06, 2003
person that you are trying to find
wheres waldo
by u2dvdbono September 11, 2010
In the special effects business, any mechanism that operates using a 1:1 movement ratio rather than using conventional input devices (levers, switches, knobs, etc.) or preprogrammed movement sequences. Waldo devices are often used for filming complicated live-action sequences, such as smoothly controlling a humanoid or lifelike animatronics system, making a radio-controlled full-size vehicle act exactly as if there was a real driver behind the wheel in a stunt sequence, etc. Simply put, they are used when intuitive controls are needed above all else.
The Mythbusters used a Waldo rig to make a bus roll itself over in their Demolition Derby Special.

Doc Ock's tentacles in Spider-Man 2 were controlled by a miniature Waldo setup. Where the controllers put the tentacles in the model, they moved behind the actor.
by Airrider October 10, 2009
Waldo. A small town outside Gainesville, Florida. There's nothing there except swamp, some livestock, and a flea market. the town's only source of income is speeding tickets. You have to keep a careful eye on the bouncing limit, and the police on every corner. The highway running through it is the 305, otherwise known as Waldo Rd. this stretch of 305 is nationally recognized as the worst place for speeding tickets.
-hey dude will you take me to the jacksonville airport?
-yeah dude, what is it like two hours?
-it's faster if you take waldo, but watch out for the cops.
by kristen January 13, 2005

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