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A "Wal-Mart whore" is yet another cultural reference to a cheap whore. The reference is to Wal-Mart's slogan, "Lower prices, every day"
Coleman's mom is a Wal-Mart Whore!
by JoeD December 14, 2004
A cheap whore.
Riddled with stupidity and all other sorts of diseases.
We're lowering prices and rolling inventory... on to her back...
by Healgib April 11, 2005
A (usually) overweight woman wearing far too much makeup and trashy clothing that you see clinging to the arm of a different elderly man and making a beeline for the jewelry department every time you go to Wal-Mart.
Did you see that woman? She was with a toothless Nascar enthusiast yesterday and today she's with a fat old man. She's obviously the local Wal-Mart Whore.
by Not the local Wal-mart Whore November 13, 2007
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