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Soiled baby diapers that have been rolled up and left in the Wal Mart parking lot.
Joe: "Fuck, I'm on parking lot duty tonight."

John: "Enjoy picking up all those Wal Mart Cakes."
by Bulldog December 07, 2008
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A steaming pile of poo, most often loose & left outside of typical fecal depositories.
Holiday Walmart shoppers are known for their intolerance to inconvenience, and therefore are prone to leaving Walmart cakes on the bathroom floor for the employees to clean up.
by Bad Billy December 01, 2003
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One of just about EVERY food item found in the FREEZER of their distribution system, along with Donuts (Yeah, "Made fresh daily"...somewhere else.

An item put on a shelf of Wal-Mart by not-really bakers, just inventory stockers with a hair net and apron.
Hey Jim, I was orderfilling in the freezer the other day and a box fell over. Glazed donuts fell out of it. I also saw a box with "Wal-Mart cake" written on it. Why do the store displays have "Made fresh daily" on it?

Jim: That's not my department.

Oh. Can I take a break? My feet are numb from the -20 degree environment I work in 10-12 hours a day.
Jim: I'll ask my manager, but until then, get back to work.
by adamlesh April 25, 2009
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